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Satanism and the CERN European Council for Nuclear Research? Did they open a portal to hell?

GENEVA, Switzerland—According to a Fact Check article by Reuters published April 10, 2024, old video was wrongly linked to the CERN nuclear particle accelerator to push a satanic conspiracy theory.

CERN is celebrating its 70th year of research from 1954 to 2024

A video that went viral and attracted more than 750,000 views showed the opening ceremony of a railway tunnel in Switzerland on June 1, 2016, not the opening of the CERN facility which also opened on the same date.

First frame of CERN ritual hoax video, Popular Mechanics

But it begs the question, what was in the video of the railway tunnel?  Was it doctored footage?  And does the devil exist and was he at work on June 1, 2016.  I argue that yes indeed evil exists in the world and many believe that the fallen angel Lucifer was indeed at work in 2016 when CERN opened.

No doubt however that someone figured out a way to get tons of hits about the CERN facility and satanism.

Here is a screenshot of the original post on X saying that there was a “Bride of Bapomet” seance while opening the science lab that hopes to identify “the God particle,” sarcastically implying that the researchers do not have humanity’s best interest in mind.

Origanal post on X that got 750,000 views on June 1, 2016

So what is up with the people shown in various states of undress that got so much interest?  Most likely the video was doctored. But many people worship satan and fan the flame of unrest and evil.  There is a battle in the heavens that is unseen for the souls of mankind and satan definitely is at war with God and His church, just not in the case of the CERN particle collider which is spinning high speed nuclear material and smashing them together. 

Here’s hoping they don’t inadvertently create a black hole and suck us all in or a nuclear explosion that kills a bunch of people! Here's a quote from "The Big Bang Theory," "The Luminous Fish Effect," the one where Sheldon has a professional crisis where he cannot figure out what to study as his current topic was disproved.

The following dialogue illustrates the mindset of physicist Sheldon as a boy (He would no doubt be one of the top scientists at CERN had he better people skills.)

Mary Cooper: Oh, you have to take your time with Sheldon. His father, God rest his soul, used to say to me, Mary, you have to take your time with Sheldon.

Leonard: Sounds like a wise man.

Mrs Cooper: Oh, not so wise, he was trying to fight a bobcat for some licquorish. So, everybody grab a plate, and a pretty place mat that Shelly wove.

Penny: Has Shelly ever freaked out like this before.

Mrs Cooper: Oh, all the time, I remember one summer when he was thirteen, he built a small nuclear reactor in the shed and told everybody he was going to provide free electricity for the whole town, well the only problem was he had no, whatchacall, fissionable materials.

Anyway, when he went on the internets to get some, a man from the government came by and sat him down real gentle and told him it’s against the law to have yellow cake

uranium in a shed.

Penny: What happened?

Mrs Cooper: Well, the poor boy had a fit, locked himself in his room and built a sonic

death ray.

Leonard: A death ray?

Mrs Cooper: Well, that’s what he called it, didn’t even slow down the neighbor kids. It pissed our dog off to no end.

So will they find the God particle?  I argue that just the fact that they are looking for it shows the leaps that the scientific community has made since Darwin in that there are many scientists who have come to believe in the existence of God as their work has revealed the complexities of life on the micro and macro level.

Could God have used Darwinian evolution to create the world?  Possibly.  Perhaps the 6 days of the creation story happened over millions or billions of years.  Could God also have created a mature universe that only has the appearance of billions?  

I have come to believe through research that the flood narrative and the fact that it is the Bible as well as many ancient cultures goes to show that it happened.  You can look at Google Earth along the trench in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and see that it looks like a baseball seam that has been ripped right down the middle.  Could that be where the waters of the deep opened up?  And what if continental drift happened rapidly over the course of 40 days and 40 nights.

All this to say that I believe that spiritual warfare is real, though the CERN conspiracy theory has been thoroughly debunked.  But the interest shown in the viral post on X reveals just how relevant the discussion is today.  Thanks Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper for keeping all this stuff in the popular culture, and to his mom for keeping the faith.  Mary Cooper: “He's got my eyes. All that science stuff, Oh, that comes from Jesus.”

According to their website, the name CERN is derived from the acronym for the French "Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire", or European Council for Nuclear Research, a provisional body founded in 1952 with the mandate of establishing a world-class fundamental physics research organization in Europe.

CERN is publicly funded by its 23 Member States and Associate Member States.

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