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Stewart Lake Offers Nature Lovers a Chance to Reset and Reconnect

POLLOCK, La.—Pollock resident Cecil Hunter says he’s been fishing since he was in diapers.  He loves being out in nature for the solitude of it. 

“The peace, the quiet, get everything off my mind, get away from reality for a little while.” 

Stewart Lake, in Pollock, offers folks like Cecil the opportunity to get away for a while.

“In the evening time ain’t nobody really here.  It’s just peaceful I can walk around this lake, I ain’t got to worry about anybody bothering me.”

The National Forest Service stocks the lake with fish each year and Hunter says he’s caught bass, bream, blue gill catfish and a few white perch. 

“I’m not very much of a people person so I feel closer to the Lord when I’m fishing and when I’m hunting than anything.”

His parents instilled in him a love of the outdoors, and he’s passing it on to his three kids as well.

“As far as my kids go they’re learning, and they enjoy that.  I haven’t really got them out in the hunting world yet, but as far as fishing goes they can throw their own reel, their own rod and everything.  And they adore it.  And I’d rather see them do that than do anything else, because that’s what’s going to keep them out of trouble.”

And the recreational area offers plenty of actives.

At the swimming area there are picnic tabes with charcoal grills, and a bath house with a shower.  

There is a trail with a boardwalk that goes around the lake.  You can see scenic views of cypress knees in the water and usually catch a fish or two jumping.  

The bridge across from the swimming area was built by Hershall L. Mott in 1997.  

The two-and-half mile Glenn Emory trail starts at from the Pollock baseball fields. It has some rolling hills, and it’s the perfect hike or bike trail for beginners.


There's also a pavilion available to rent as well as a primitive camping area.  Be sure to fill out a vehicle tag when you come.  It’s 5 bucks for day use, 2-50 for seniors, and 15 if you want to camp for the night.  The Glenn Emory trail is free to use. 

It’s not usually crowded at all which is what Hunter likes.  And he says it’s places like this that connect him with his higher power.

“God is number one.  And this… I feel closer out here, with them.  I’d rather be out here with them than be in any town or any shopping center with a bunch of people.”

So if you’re in need of a reset or just want to connect with nature, a visit to Stewart Lake might be just the thing. 


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